What to do with a fridge full of old veggies and a freezer full of chicken bones?

     One easy way to make your house smell delicious, add an extra oomph to your risotto, braises or soups and use up otherwise unloved produce and bones is to make delicious chicken stock. And it couldn't be easier.

      I had been meaning to make stock ever since I started thinking about all the well meaning veggies that get lost in the back of the crisper and don’t see sun until they’re past their days of deliciousness. And the celery that got frostbite. And the bag of carrots that seems to be constantly used but never empty. And the leeks I’d bought with good intentions of tart making. I now had a plan for all of them.

     So I waited, I waited for the rainiest, darkest most miserable day and I set to work. Although it wasn’t really work at all. I scrubbed and chopped leeks, carrots, frostbitten celery and pretty yellow onions with their skins still on and put them in the bottom of a stock pot. Into the pot went every herb in the fridge: rosemary, oregano, thyme and sage. Then came the chicken, the reminders of yummy roast chicken that had been hiding in my freezer for a month. Two carcasses that had been picked clean of meat but still held tons of chickeny goodness.

     I poured in the leftover of a bottle of white wine and filled it with cold water to cover everything.

     The pot went on top of medium heat to simmer and I went in front of the fire with a good book. I checked on it every so often, made sure it didn’t boil, and skimmed the murky goop that came to the top.

      After a full day of simmering It was strained into big mason jars or tupperware to cool and then transferred to the fridge or freezer. The depth of flavour in this stock was amazing and beat out any of the store-bought stock I've used by a mile. It also makes your home smell like a dream all day.