Squash blossoms

Walked out to the garden this morning to a beautiful sight. Huge open yellow squash blossoms shining in the sun.


It’s always nice to see some colour in the garden but it got me thinking about how to get these squash pollinating.

So far there is only one female flower, you can tell by the mini squash forming beneath the flower. The best way to ensure squash pollination is to hand paint the male pollen onto the female stamen. Because all my squash hopes and dreams are resting on this one little lady I am going to try the hand pollination method as soon as it and a male companion open. Wish me luck! 


One more thing I’ve learned about growing squash in the garden. Pick your squash early and often, larger squash don’t taste as good and the more often they are picked the more you will yield. Hopefully this is just the beginning of lovely squash blossom ladies.