Plant in Focus: Arugula

One of the plants in the garden I am extra excited about is Arugula. I am a huge fan of this deliciously spicy green. It is a staple in many of the salads we make here at home. Since I love it so much it seemed like a great idea to grow it. We bought eight seedlings and transplanted them into rows in the middle of the herb section of the garden. The garden design is certainly being altered by the addition of fun new plants we come across. Below is a photo of the delicious arugula growing up a storm.


To harvest the arugula you can snip off the young leaves, the younger leaves are more tender and less bitter. Another option is to harvest the entire plant in one go which gives you a bunch at a time. We will be trying both methods and replanting with seeds as we go. Arugula need lots of water and rich soil so don't be stingy with that compost.

Homemade prosciutto and arugula pizza

Homemade prosciutto and arugula pizza

Once you harvest your arugula there are so many ways to use it. It is delicious in summer salads, as I mentioned, as well as in smoothies and on pizza. We love topping homemade pizza with arugula as soon as it pops out of the oven


Another delicious option to use up your bounty of arugula is Arugula Pesto  - delicious on a Caprese sandwich like the one featured below. Click the photo to check out this easy and delicious recipe.